Joel Rifkin

How did Joel Rifkin become a notorious serial killer?


Craig Chandler Price

Learn about one of America’s youngest serial killers in this video.

What is Nightmares Before Bedtime?


Nightmares Before Bedtime began in September 2016. When ill health prevented me from working, I realised that I needed a way to occupy my mind. As I began to find true crime intriguing, I decided to create a YouTube channel where I could explore the darker side of humanity in a creative way. I chose the name ‘Nightmares Before Bedtime’ when I noticed how many people consume ‘horror’ content before going to sleep. In 2017, I started covering haunted locations on my channel as a nod to my love of history and ghost stories. I hope you’ll choose to join me on this darkest of journeys. Don’t have nightmares.