Lt. Colonel Robert Workman

The murder of an elderly man leads to the resolution of another unsolved murder.


The Silent Movie Theatre Murder

The Silent Movie Theatre is a well-known Los Angeles location. In 1997, the owner was murdered.

Spider Sabich

A successful skier is shot dead. Years later, people still feel that his killer’s celebrity status allowed her to serve a short sentence.

Jack Jessee

A man is found murdered and all signs point to his wife being involved.

The Benson Family Murders

One man’s need for money outweighs his need for his family.

The Xerox Murders

Why did Xerox employee Byran Uyesugi kills seven of his co-workers?

The Nepalese Royal Massacre

The actions of one man lead to the abolition of the Nepalese monarchy.

Alexandra Kogut

Why did a young man kill his college student girlfriend?

The Hello Kitty Murder

Laci Peterson