Faith Hedgepeth

Who is responsible for killing Faith Hedgepeth and leaving a note at the scene of the crime? Please be aware that at 7:56, the woman in the picture isn’t Faith. My mistake.

Note: At the time I recorded this episode, I was dealing with severe depression. This is why my narration isn’t up to scratch in this episode. Thank you for understanding.


Andrew Gosden

What happened to Andrew Gosden?

Sigrid Stevenson

The murder of a woman on a college campus turns into a legend.

Thomas Burkett

Thomas Burkett died in 1991. Was his a death a murder or suicide?

Claudia Lawrence

What happened to Claudia Lawrence?

Moe Jiwani

A man vanishes but is found safe. He then disappears again.

Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg

A young couple took their first overnight trip together and would never return home. Who killed Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg.

Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin

Who is responsible for the murders of two young Canadian men?

The Rack Man

Who was the man found tied to a makeshift cross? Who killed him?

The Harlins

A man disappears a few years after his wife is murdered.