The future of my channel


I need to share an important update with you all. In early November, YouTube decided that my channel is no longer eligible for monetization. This is because of duplication. If you saw my update on Twitter, you’ll already know that I’m upset by this. Not only has the opportunity to earn ad revenue been taken away but other features have been removed too.

I’ve never seen my channel as a job because it didn’t earn enough revenue to be classed as such. Health problems have prevented me from working for a living but seeing that I was earning a small amount through YouTube was encouraging. If it seems that I’m moaning over a trivial thing then please allow me to explain more.

I’ve known for a while that running a YouTube channel can be expensive and it was getting to the point where I might not have been able to continue on YouTube for much longer. I have a very small income and the costs of running the channel is becoming expensive (newspaper archives, Picmonkey, etc). When I saw that my ad revenue was increasing about a month ago, I thought the revenue would help cover the costs and I wouldn’t have to worry so much. Then YouTube hit me with demonetization.

Worries over the expense is partly why I started a podcast version of my channel. It’s a cheaper alternative to YouTube and I knew I would have somewhere to create content if being on YouTube became too expensive. Before my channel was demonetized, I felt okay with the fact that ending the channel because of costs might be a possibility. It would have been my decision and I was fine with that. Now it feels that YouTube is forcing this decision upon me.

I have always been grateful to YouTube for being a place that I could share my work. Starting a channel has helped me deal with mental health issues in ways I never thought possible and it led to me meeting you all. However, the reality is that YouTube is becoming a place where anyone who makes dark content isn’t welcome. YouTube has been hitting many types of channels with demonetization but any channel that can be classed as horror seems to be a particular target.

So what does this all mean? I’m not sure. Before demonetization hit me, I planned to keep creating on YouTube for as long as possible and then focus on the podcast. As I have been hinting earlier, my channel may be ending sooner than expected. This makes me incredibly sad, as the channel and your support has been a lifeline for me. Right now I don’t have the heart to make any content and I’m suspending the Patreon account I set up for a month. If I can’t make regular content, then I know I won’t be able to follow through with Patreon rewards right now. If you were a Patreon supporter I’m sorry for letting you down.

It’s tempting to walk away from YouTube out of anger but that isn’t fair on you all. Having said that, it’s becoming increasingly clear that anyone who creates dark content on YouTube isn’t welcome and part of me doesn’t want to be creating content on a platform that only wants to support particular creators. I think I’d be happier creating the podcast. At the same time, I don’t want to walk away from YouTube so easily. I have been thinking of concentrating only on the podcast over the next few months (with the possibility of focusing only on true crime) and saving money so that I can one day return to YouTube, despite feeling disheartened with them.

If you have any advice on what you would do in this situation, please let me know. The channel started out as a way to help me deal with mental illness but it has become much more than that and I really value your input. I’m not making any immediate decisions as to the future of the channel as it will only be based on hurt and anger. Let me know what you think.

Wishing you all much happiness,



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