Olga Hepnarova

In 1975, Olga Hepnarova became the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia.


Renishaw Hall

Who is haunting Renishaw Hall?

Sigrid Stevenson

The murder of a woman on a college campus turns into a legend.

Helle Crafts

Can you be convicted of murder without the presence of a body?

Thomas Burkett

Thomas Burkett died in 1991. Was his a death a murder or suicide?

Rae Carruth

Why did an American football player kill his pregnant girlfriend?

Note: My narration on this video isn’t the best. When I recorded this, I was dealing with severe depression and you can hear the depression in my voice. Thanks for understanding.

Viola Herms Drath

Who was responsible for the murder of journalist Viola Herms Drath?

Claudia Lawrence

What happened to Claudia Lawrence?

Dora Kratochvil

A fatal fight breaks out between a woman and her employer.

Moe Jiwani

A man vanishes but is found safe. He then disappears again.